World's top "biomimetic robots" showcased at Robot SafariEU, London Science Museum

Sunday, 2013, December 1

This week-end, the London Science Museum offers its visitors a special safari experience where it is possible to encounter some of the most advanced biomimetic robots so far.   Roboticists from across Europe showcase their innovative robotic designs inspired by nature.   Visitors of the Robot SafariEU will discover a unique landscape of synthetic creatures that can run very fast like robot cheetah, stretch their wings like the rob-bat, crawl like the robot salamander, swim like a fish or like the robotic turtle U-CAT that is built to explore the deep seas. 

The development of these biomimetic robots can help to advance our understating of nature since they can be used to test theories about natural systems.  They can also provide useful and efficient solutions to unsolved challenges in science and engineering. These are also some of the goals of the Convergent Science Network, a EU cordination action that directly contributes to this ambition by advancing the definition, federation and consolidation of research in the Future and Emerging Technology area of Neuro- and Bioinspired systems

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The Science Museum’s Robot SafariEU, in partnership with EUNIC London (European Union National Institutes for Culture), celebrates some of the most exciting European biomimetic robots.