1. A bio-Inspired model for visual collision avoidance on a hexapod walking robot.
Hanno Gerd Meyer, Olivier J. N. Bertrand, Jan Paskarbeit, Jens Peter Lindemann, Axel Schneider, Martin Egelhaaf
2. Perceptive invariance and associative memory between perception and semantic representation USER, a Universal Semantic Representation implemented in a system on chip (SoC)
Patrick PIRIM
3. Computer-aided biomimetics.
Ruben Kruiper, Jessica Chen-Burger, Marc Desmulliez
4. A bio-inspired photopatterning method to deposit silver nanoparticles onto non conductive surfaces using spinach leaves extract in ethanol.
Marc Desmulliez, David Watson, Jose Marques-Hueso, Jack Hoy-Gig Ng
5. Use of bifocal objective lens and scanning motion in robotic imaging systems for simultaneous peripheral and high resolution observation of objects.
Gašper Škulj, Drago Bracun
6. Wasp-inspired needle insertion with low net push force.
Tim Sprang, Paul Breedveld, Dimitra Dodou
7. Wall following in a semi-closed-loop fly-robotic interface.
Jiaqi Huang, Yilin Wang, Holger G Krapp
8. Learning to balance while reaching: a cerebellar-based control architecture for a self-balancing robot.
Maximilian Ruck, Ivan Herreros, Giovanni Maffei, Marti Sanchez-Fibla, Paul Verschure
9. Retina color-opponency based pursuit implemented through spiking neural networks in the neurorobotics platform.
Alessandro Ambrosano, Lorenzo Vannucci, Ugo Albanese, Murat Kirtay, Egidio Falotico, Pablo Martínez-Cañada, Georg Hinkel, Jacques Kaiser, Stefan Ulbrich, Paul Levi, Christian Morillas, Alois Knoll, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Cecilia Laschi
10. Eye-head stabilization mechanism for a humanoid robot tested on human inertial data.
Lorenzo Vannucci, Egidio Falotico, Silvia Tolu, Paolo Dario, Henrik Hautop Lund, Cecilia Laschi
11. Towards a Synthetic Tutor Assistant: the EASEL project and its architecture.
Vasiliki Vouloutsi, Maria Blancas, Riccardo Zucca, Pedro Omedas, Dennis Reidsma, Daniel Davison, Vicky Charissi, Frances Wijnen, Jan van der Meij, Vanessa Evers, David Cameron, Samuel Fernando, Roger Moore, Tony Prescott, Daniele Mazzei, Michael Pieroni, Lorenzo Cominelli, Roberto Garofalo, Danilo De Rossi, Paul Verschure
12. A hydraulic hybrid neuroprosthesis for gait restoration in people with spinal cord injuries.
Mark Nandor, Sarah Chang, Rudi kobetic, Ron Triolo
13. The natural bipeds, birds and humans: an inspiration for bipedal robots.
Anick Abourachid, Vincent Hugel
14. MantisBot uses minimal descending commands to pursue prey as observed in Tenodera Sinensis.
Nicholas Szczecinski, Andrew Getsy, Jacob Bosse, Joshua Martin, Roy Ritzmann, Roger Quinn
15. Aplysia californica as a novel source of material for biohybrid robots and organic machines.
Victoria Webster, Katherine Chapin, Emma Hawley, Jill Patel, Ozan Akkus, Hillel Chiel, Roger Quinn
16. Thrust-Assisted perching and climbing for a bioinspired UAV.
Morgan Pope, Mark Cutkosky
17. A soft pneumatic maggot robot.
Tianqi Wei, Adam Stokes, Barbara Webb
18. Insect-inspired visual navigation for flying robot. 
Andrew Philippides, Nathan Steadman, Alex Dewar, Chris Walker, Paul Graham
19. MiRO: A commercial robot with a biomimetic brain-based control system.
Ben Mitchinson, Tony Prescott