Poster spotlight for full papers

12:00 Sensory Augmentation with Distal Touch: The Tactile Helmet Project.
Craig Bertram, Mat Evans, Mahmood Javaid, Tom Stafford, Tony Prescott.

12:05 TACTIP -Tactile Fingertip Device, Texture Analysis Through Optical Tracking of Skin Features.
Benjamin Winstone, Gareth Griffiths, Tony Pipe, Chris Melhuish, Jonathon Rossit.

12:10 Benefits Of Dolphin Inspired Sonar For Underwater Object Identification.
Yan Paihas, Chris Capus, Keith Brown, David Lane.

12:15 Design for a Darwinian Brain: Cognitive Architecture.
Chrisantha Fernando, Vera Vasas, Alex Churchill.

12:20 Virtual Modelling of a Real Exoskeleton Constrained to a Human Musculoskeletal Model.
Francesco Ferrati, Roberto Bortoletto, Enrico Pagello.

12:25 Speeding-Up the Learning of Saccade Control.
Marco Antonelli, Angel Duran, Eris Chinellato, Angel P del Pobil.

12:30 Bacteria-Inspired Magnetic Polymer Composite Microrobots.
Kathrin Peyer, Erdem Siringil, Li Zhang, Marcel Suter, Bradley Nelson.

12:35 NeuroCopter: Neuromorphic Computation of 6D Ego-Motion of a Quadcopter.
Tim Landgraf, Benjamin Wild, Tobias Ludwig, Philipp Nowak, Lovisa Helgadottir, Benjamin Daumenlang, Philipp Breinlinger, Martin Nawrot, Raul Rojas.

12:40 Learning Epistemic Actions in Model-Free Memory-Free Reinforcement Learning: experiments with a neuro-robotic model.
Dimitri Ognibene, Nicola Catenacci Volpi, Giovanni Pezzulo, Gianluca Baldassarre.

12:45 Perception of simple stimuli using sparse data from a tactile whisker array.
Ben Mitchinson, Charlie Sullivan, Martin Pearson, Tony Pipe, Tony Prescott.

12:50 Long term and Room Temperature Operable Muscle-Powered Microrobot by Insect Muscle.
Yoshitake Akiyama, Kikuo Iwabuchi, Keisuke Morishima.