Welcome to Living Machines 2013

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The 2nd edition of Living Machines will take place in London at the Natural History Museum from July 29th to August 2nd, 2013

This international conference is a Convergent Science Network event and is targeted at the intersection of research on novel life-like technologies inspired by the scientific investigation of biological systems—biomimetics, and research that seeks to interface biological and artificial systems to create biohybrid systems. We seek to highlight the most exciting international research in both of these fields united by the theme of “Living Machines"

Living Machines comprises a week of events including 2.5 days of single-track oral presentations with five plenary speakers; a 1-day exhibition that will include a range of novel biomimetic and biohybrid technologies many of which have not been exhibited in public before; and five satellite workshops on themes ranging from artificial “selves” to the societal impacts of living machines.

Winners of the Living Machines Award 2013 !

Best paper

- Three-dimensional tubular self-assembling structure for biohybrid actuation.
Leonardo Ricotti, Lorenzo Vannozzi, Paolo Dario, Arianna  Menciassi.
- Bacteria-Inspired Magnetic Polymer Composite Microrobots
  Kathrin Peyer, Erdem Siringil, Li Zhang, Marcel Suter, Bradley Nelson

Best poster

- How active vision facilitates familiarity-based homing.
Andrew Philippides, Alex Dewar, Michael Mangan, Antoine Wystrach, Paul Graham
- Sub-millilitre microbial fuel cell power for soft robots.
Hemma Philamore, Jonathan Rossiter, Ioannis Ieropoulos

Best demo

- A swimming machine driven by the deformation of a sheet-like body inspired Polyclad flatworms.
  Toshiya Kazama, Koki Kuroiwa, Takuya Umedachi, Yuichi Komatsu, Ryo Kobayashi
- Octopus-inspired innovative suction cups.
Maurizio Follador, Francesca Tramacere, Lucie Viry, Matteo Cianchetti, Lucia Beccai, Cecilia Laschi, Barbara Mazzolai

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